Research Progress of Vascular Mechanobiology in 2023

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    The cardiovascular system is a mechanical system with the heart as the center and blood vessels as the network. Mechanical forces play a direct and key role in regulating the physiological state and pathological process of the cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension and stroke have similar pathological basis, that is, vascular remodeling caused by vascular dysfunction and abnormal damage. Therefore, investigating how mechanical forces produce biological effects that lead to vascular remodeling, and elucidating cardiovascular mechanical signal transduction pathways and mechanical regulation pathways are of great research significance for in-depth understanding of the nature of cardiovascular disease occurrence. In this review, different mechanical forces and key mechanical response molecules were used as clues, and the latest research progress of vascular mechanobiology in 2023 was summarized. These results provide new ideas for further exploring the role of mechanical factors in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases, and providing markers and potential targets for early diagnosis of the disease.

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ZOU Minwen, HAN Yue. Research Progress of Vascular Mechanobiology in 2023[J]. Journal of medical biomechanics,2024,39(1):9-16

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