Research Progress on Biomechanics and Mechanobiology ofArticular Cartilage in 2022

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    As a kind of elastic load-bearing connective tissues on bone surface in dynamic joints, articular cartilage can provide low wear lubrication, shock absorption, load transfer and other supporting functions, and has hierarchical fiber composite structures and excellent mechanical properties. As an avascular and aneural tissue,the degenerated articular cartilage lacks the capability of self-healing after damage. The high incidence of arthritisis still a hot spot in basic and clinical researches. Articular cartilage is a mechanical sensitive tissue, and mechanical environment will affect the development of tissues in different directions. Extensive researches onbiomechanics and mechanobiology of articular cartilage were conducted in 2022. Many studies on morphology, function and mechanical state of cartilage,as well as mechanical state of cartilage under different conditions were reported. Some cartilage-related loading devices were designed at animal, tissue and cell levels. Researches onthe repair of cartilage degeneration and injury under mechanical loads were carried out in vitro and in vivo, and some important repair method and means were obtained. The biomechanical and mechanobiology research on articular cartilage is the basis of arthritis, cartilage defect and repair. The influence of quantitative mechanical under 4 conditions on the repair of articular cartilage injury needs further study in vivo and in vitro

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ZHANG Chunqiu, GAO Lilan. Research Progress on Biomechanics and Mechanobiology ofArticular Cartilage in 2022[J]. Journal of medical biomechanics,2023,38(1):4-13

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